from the ground up



As we link the circle of our first year on grow, we feel the roots taking hold and fresh growth shooting up.

And as we roll on, past our 100th!! post, we seek out the new to add to the familiar.

We’ve discovered a local, new-to-us (although not new) seed company, The Good Seed Company.

In their own words they are:

“purveyors of regionally adapted, cold-hardy heirloom & open pollinated GMO-free, untreated seeds since about 1980”.

This season in our garden we’re trying out Black Krim Tomato, Green Arrow Shell Pea, and Painted Mountain Corn.

In thanks to all of our readers old and new, we are offering a small giveaway. Let us bring something new, in the form of The Good Seed Company seeds, to your garden this season. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling us something new you are trying in your garden this season. Five winners will be announced Sunday May 18 after a highly sophisticated random selection process.  If you are chosen, we will contact you for mailing information.

We are grateful to you all for reading, liking, sharing our words.


4 thoughts on “New.

  1. Congrats on 1 year and 100+ posts on your blog! Something new in our garden this year- bees! We have a kenyan top bar hive with bees to pollinate all of our fruit trees & shrubs. It was given to us by our beekeeper brother. Watching the bees is mesmerizing. They are such special creatures.

    • Oh this is so exciting! I have dreams of hives someday~ Thank so much in sharing this part year with us. And congratulations on all the wonderful changes in your life this past year. Love to you.

  2. We have a small strawberry patch for the first time this summer — they are my youngest’s favorite fruit and he promises to help me keep it free of weeds. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he tastes a fresh-picked, sun-warmed strawberry for the first time!

  3. We like to try new varieties in our garden. This year we are trying some black tomatoes that a friend gave us: Black Tula, Black Krim, and Black Brandywine. A few other new ones we are trying: Red Zebra and Amana which is orange. Never can have enough tomatoes!!

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