from the ground up



This year, the impulse to create our garden map came suddenly and without planning. “Mama, we need to do our garden map”, I heard shortly after we returned from purchasing a few seed packets. I was summoned to get the paper, and this year the medium of choice was paint. “No”, not watercolor, “they are too dim, I need bright colors for the Indian corn”.

We’ll be growing tomatoes, peppers, Indian corn, peas, rainbow carrots, cherries, blue cherries, and more carrots!

And I fully expect our actual garden planning and planting to be just as abstract, just as bright, just as unique, and just as beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Cartography.

  1. How delightful! And blue cherries…!

  2. this makes my heart hurt (in a good way) …longing for those days with my two, now grown, boys. *sigh*

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