from the ground up


Lily of the Valley.

To alight upon a bended leaf

slide swiftly down a shallow groove.

Toes dipping in a tiny pool

with shade above and loam below.

A scalloped chime without a sound

a melody pure, a deep bouquet.

Inhaling deep for calm and joy

to be a fairy beneath your bells.


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Plant Profile: Jacob’s Ladder.

Common Name: Jacob’s Ladder

Latin Name: Polemonium caeruleum

Family: Polemoniaceae

This herbaceous perennial is beautiful in borders, cottage gardens, or right in the center of a strawberry patch.  They prefer partial shade, but our little gem does well in full sun with a partial beautybush canopy.  Hardy in zones 4-8. The deer seem to overlook the blue bells and the fern like foliage.