from the ground up



A simple scent; momentary travel through our nose to our limbic system.  A direct line from the outside world into our brain.   Instantaneous then slow; a smell then the slow wash of emotion. We are transported moments, days, years, decades. To places, events, people, feelings.

The delicate, fleeting sweet pea.  A fragrance that is elusive and hard to discern.  Sweet and deeply nostalgic for me.

With one deep inhalation, the scent takes me far away – time travel.  To Montana.  To my twenties, browsing farmers markets.  To Alaska, where my prolific plants gifted me vases full.  To a cutting garden, where I blissfully gathered handfuls with my loving mom and sister.  To a treasured friends garden.  To my sisters welcoming home.

They are a beloved addition to my garden and heart.