from the ground up


New Beginnings.

How did it get so late so soon?

Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. 

My goodness how the time has flewn.

How did it get so late so soon?

-Dr. Seuss

Hello Growers,

It feels like an eternity, another lifetime, since our last post here on Grow. Yet, it was just last fall – flowers under smoky skies hinting the return of autumn. Since we first clicked publish on this blog, we have had the dedicated support of our mother. She shared all of our excitement. She was the first to subscribe, always found a kind word to comment,  and was delighted to shared our posts with friends and family. We would not be the growers or mothers we are without her guiding example. As we enter the dawning months of this new year, we are forced to accept a new “normal” – without our mother by our sides. We certainly could continue here in this space without mentioning how different our lives are. It would be easy to let the world of blog readers question why there was such a long pause between posts or wonder why the format of Grow has changed. Instead, we are sharing with you the deepest loss of our lifetime, as sisters, best friends, mothers.  We are trying to navigate these new life waters without our mother-ship.

As the chapters in our lives continue to unfold, our inspirations shift, new growth emerges. With new life changes, Grow is shifting as well.  We invite you, our “growers”, to join us in a new journey with a bit more intimacy and (fingers crossed) a daily entry.  With opportunity for us to get to know each other, share, and understand the growth that we each feel in a day. Whether it is growth as a gardener, in your passion, as a parent, or a simple quip of humor, we hope you will share with us.

We look forward to starting this new adventure with each of you.  See you February 1, 2016, for “ONE”.  As you see our new format, please join in!

Kendra and Kelly