from the ground up

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For you.

There is your hue in high summer. A splash of layered, rich lavender on jade.

With waning light you knit a feathery lattice. A gauzy softness from afar.

A smooth heart forms where petals fall. Streaked with plum and strength.

We bundle together, a “cram” of shrouded hearts.

You are now love fringed in mist.

I love you, in the mist.


Goodnight Garden.

In the great green garden,

There was a flower bed

And a big red bloom

And a picture of

A clump of lavender with a sweet perfume

And there were three little boys making some noise

And one sweet girly

Waking up early

And a half buried glove

And a sun face above

And a pod and a seed and a bed with some weeds

And a quiet light breeze who was whispering “hush”.

Goodnight garden

Goodnight lovage

Goodnight the secrets hidden beneath

Goodnight light

And the red tomato

Goodnight bees

Goodnight peas

Goodnight dill

And goodnight chill

Goodnight rocks

And goodnight ‘hocks

Goodnight greenhouse

Goodnight mouse

Goodnight thyme

And goodnight beets

Goodnight nobody

Goodnight tweets

And goodnight to the golden leaves whispering “hush”

Goodnight seeds

Goodnight air

Goodnight gardens everywhere.


If I were a fairy…

On many of our forest walks, we move….quite…s-l-o-w-l-y.  Little ones finding the magic in small things, mama with camera in hand.  A favorite game is If I were a Fairy. The following is narrated by my sweet and imaginative 5-year old, on a recent walk.

“If I were a fairy, these would be our mountains.”

“This might be an umbrella.”

“We could climb these cliffs.  Like rock climbers.”

“If we want to fly, we could use these.”

“We could drink nectar, like the bees do.”

“If we need firewood, we could collect this.”

“If I were a fairy, these would be my pipes for my sink.”

I am always so thankful for taking time to enjoy the quiet of the forest and all that it has to offer.  Even if we don’t get very far up the trail!


The Hum and The Pause

The Hum and the Pause.

You feel it before you hear it. The energy, the buzz, the hum, then gone. Then again the buzz, the hum, then gone. There it is, zooming by. A boy with tiny feet, then another. A bird with tiny wings, then another, sometimes many. In deep imagination, in playful games, at the feeder, at the flower. Hummmmmm. The hum of the days.

My boys and I have been trying to capture on camera the fleeting visits of one tiny hummingbird to the bright red salvia in our deck planter. We hear the hum, we watch, wait. Then we see it, we feel it…the pause.

It is a single breath, it is quiet, it is laughter, it is a hug in the morning, it is the eagle flying above, it is the lazy afternoon, it is the bedtime story. It is because of the hum that we are spellbound by the pause. It is because of the pause that we can embrace the energy of the hum.


Grub feast






Grubs, grubs, grubs,

handfuls of grubs.

Overtaking tomatoes.

Spoiling the moment.

Stop. Turn it around.






grubs, grubs, grubs,

saucers of grubs

more and more and more

back and forth

then gone.

one more? no….all gone.

Photos and story inspiration courtesy of Mom.




to spring up.

to expand.

to develop.

to become.

to raise.

to change.

Here we are, springing up, side by side. From dark, cool earth, a flash of green. From thoughtful inspiration, a flash of brightness. Soil gently falls away but covers the roots. Comfort rolls away, but stays the anchor. Leaves unfold, our voices expand. To tell ourselves, our world, what it is we love. From within, reaching up, reaching out, the ground is covered, the community develops, we are surrounded. The garden path, fresh, wild, free. We lead, we follow, we become our best selves. Raising up our own in lightness, in joy, in love. Embracing, ever changing.

Daughters, sisters, wives, mothers thriving where our passions lie: in our gardens, in our families, in our homes, in our words.