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About Us


We are sisters bringing our ideas and talents together to inspire others. We live in two widely differing growing climates,  zone 3-4  and a zone 8!  We are learning how to live so many miles apart and love our daily connection through Grow.


Kendra is a horticulturist, gardener, photographer and aspiring Horticultural Therapist. She has a degree in horticulture and owned and operated an organic greenhouse adjacent to her home for 8 years. She married her college sweetheart twelve years ago, on a splendidly hot summer afternoon. She is mama to a son of 8 years, and two girls, ages 5 and 1. She spends most of her days learning with and learning from her children. When not in the garden or nose to her camera, you can find her knitting, reading or hiking.


Kelly is a healthcare practitioner and aspiring writer. She works part-time and devotes a few late night hours per week to various writing avenues. With her husband of 13 years, she enjoys the unfolding of their life story in the wilderness, in their children and in their home. She is mama to two boys ages 7 and 5. She spends most of her days guiding and accompanying her two adventurers. You will find them all hiking, fly fishing, camping, and reading.

Our inspiration: the journey of being a mama, being outdoors, endless beauty in nature.

Our intention: Simple inspiration for growing. To grow with your kids. To grow in your back yard. To grow inside your home.

Thanks for stopping by!

6 thoughts on “About Us

    …and that’s all I’ve got to say about that!

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  3. Yay! This is awesome! I finally started posting on the blog I started 5 years ago. I need to do a lot of work though. Your site looks so professional & your photos are great. I love the topics & I love that you are doing this together. You never cease to amaze & inspire me!

  4. Your mom shared the link to your blog with me. Wonderful to see what you are up to! Wishing you and your families a fabulous fall.

  5. Kendra, just saw your Facebook post about the blog this morning — loved reading the “about us” and getting a quick glimpse of what’s happening in your life! Aidan, Gareth and I are living in Zone 6 (Ohio) and have a small herb garden and an even smaller strawberry patch. I think your blog might inspire me to put in a raised bed this summer!

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