from the ground up



A simple scent; momentary travel through our nose to our limbic system.  A direct line from the outside world into our brain.   Instantaneous then slow; a smell then the slow wash of emotion. We are transported moments, days, years, decades. To places, events, people, feelings.

The delicate, fleeting sweet pea.  A fragrance that is elusive and hard to discern.  Sweet and deeply nostalgic for me.

With one deep inhalation, the scent takes me far away – time travel.  To Montana.  To my twenties, browsing farmers markets.  To Alaska, where my prolific plants gifted me vases full.  To a cutting garden, where I blissfully gathered handfuls with my loving mom and sister.  To a treasured friends garden.  To my sisters welcoming home.

They are a beloved addition to my garden and heart.



I have been browsing the plants in the yard of our current home.  Some are familiar; others, I have researched.  And still others, I have simply shrugged thinking I will learn…eventually! 

There is a group of plants growing around a tree in our yard.  As I observed them, I assumed that they were unfamiliar.

They looked a little scrubby, sort of worn out from the wind and the rain.  But, a perennial, six inches tall.  I shrugged again.

Any ideas…?

Then…in passing, I noticed some color…




Again- surprises under foot, at every turn!  Have a happy week, Growers!



Sweet Peas.

I will remember always the sun setting low, pure sweetness drifting by, a hedgerow of sweet peas. In every color and pattern we clipped and inhaled, strolled and laughed, bundled and breathed, my mom and my sister and I. It doesn’t get better than this.

Even the one, yes one, solitary, mauve sweet pea which bloomed in my yard this year renews the loveliness of this memory. I am also glad for the many scattered bouquets and just opened blossoms greeting me as my sister’s guest.